Game development with FXGL

As described on the previous page you can use JavaFX to build user interfaces which behave exactly the same on your PC and Raspberry Pi. Let’s go a step further and make a game with an “Arcade” controller.

For this project, we will be using FXGL, an opensource library on top of JavaFX to build games.

The controller

This project uses an Arcade kit in combination with a Picade X HAT USB-C to easily connect the wires of the buttons and joystick.

Connect the USB power to the hat instead of your Raspberry Pi, and use the power button on the hat to start your Raspberry Pi.

Pimoroni provides a GitHub project with software to use this hat with RetroPie, but this project aims to take full control of the hardware with Java.

The GPIO numbers are defined by the hat and can be found on

The application

TODO, currently only minimal implementation is done based on Snake game created by Almas and Frank