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  • Soft real time PLC with Strolch
  • Strolch is a framework for developing Software which has a different approach compared to Spring and other similar types of Java frameworks, as the model is defined as an abstract model, where you always have the same three types of objects: Resources, Orders and Activities. The fields are mapped as Parameter objects, of which the important primitives are available. Conveyors for containers filled by a dispensing robot

  • PiJukeBox by Daniel Mårtensson
  • Daniel used Java and Pi4J to turn an old Centrum U68 from 1940 into a MP3 player. The reason is because short wave, middle wave and long wave is today obsolete and not being used or sended today in Sweden. Also the electronics inside was a mess and very dangerous because it runs on both AC/DC current and all the wires began to lose their isolators. Features: autoplaying next song, 60 songs included, volume tuning, song select, low power consumption, works with old Raspberry Pi’s, terminal based.