The Team

Robert Savage, Project Founder, Architect, Lead Developer. Principal Software Architect/Engineer. Consultant, technology enthusiast, entrepreneur, open source contributor, technology blogger. Founder at shadeBlue, LLC and SavageSoftware, LLC. Robert has a more than 20 year career working in the professional audio visual and home/commercial automation industry and an extensive background in developing technology solutions with a special focus on home automation and hardware/firmware/software integration. In 2012, Robert created the Pi4J project which provides Java developers an easy to use Java library enabling access to low-level I/O functionality (GPIO, I2C, SPI, Serial, etc.) of embedded systems like the Raspberry Pi. I created Pi4J to empower Java programmers to get involved with embedded platforms such as the Raspberry Pi and provide an easy to use and accessible Java-centric object-oriented library enabling control of real world (physical) “things”. Pi4J V.2 brings an entirely new and modern approach to Java I/O programming for embedded systems. I’m excited to get V.2 released and see what additional creative projects emerge.
Frank Delporte, Project organization, Developer. Java and Raspberry Pi-enthousiast, blogger on and author of the book “Getting Started with Java on Raspberry Pi”. Software developer at Toadi (Belgium). Lead coach CoderDojo in Ieper, Belgium. Software developer with more than 25 years of experience in video, multimedia, technical project management, digital signage and (web) programming. I’m a strong believer in the power and fun of Java on the Raspberry Pi. My goal is to make it as easy as possible to get started for new and experienced Java developers who want to start there first hardware experiment. That was the reason I wrote a book about this subject and share my experiments on my blog and GitHub. Pi4J V.2 brings a lot of improvements to an already great project, and - just one example - the use of the BCM pin numbers will make it even a lot easier to use the GPIO’s. That’s why I join this great team to assist in delivering this V.2 and extend it further so we can bring even more Java to the Raspberry Pi.
Robert von Burg aka “Eitch”, Developer. As lead developer for we use Raspberry Pi as our platform to connect with products, and to implement a PLC in Java. The Pi4J project allows us to encapsulate the low level aspects of communicating with the hardware, and stay in our preferred choice. The project allows us to also stay in the same DSL for writing server applications, as well as communicating with low level devices. Since I love open source projects, it felt natural to me to start investing time in the Pi4J projects to assist in the further development.