Release Notes

2021-08-26 2.0

Yoohoo it’s here! After a lot of work we present you the totally renewed Pi4J library!

Most important info on V2:

  • Java 11 and up
  • Breaking change with V1 as the framework has been completely re-architected (see
  • No longer include support for peripheral devices and add-on chipsets/boards as part of the core project
  • Easier to extend, maintain and test
  • Uses PiGpio as the native library (WiringPi which was used in V1 got deprecated in 2019)
  • Builds as modules to fully support future evolutions in Java
  • Uses minimal dependencies (only SLF4J)
  • Different examples how to get started (also with JavaFX) are available on
  • And more, see on